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Just Connect – What makes the software unique?

From on 23. April 2013

Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Connections, Jive etc. – There are a huge range of social software solutions on the international market. But what about Just Connect? In the following article I would like to give you a first overview of Just Connect.

Just Connect is a state of the art social software suite developed by Just Software AG. The company is located in Hamburg and has meanwhile grown to a team of more than 20 employees. With Just Connect, the Just Software AG provides organizations all relevant Web 2.0 features like for example wikis, blogs and social networking sites in one modular software suite. This suite also integrates additional features to enable knowledge management and enterprise communication for highly-functional intranet and collaboration solutions. Just Connect allows users to communicate and collaborate with each other, find experts, share ideas and experiences, schedule and prepare events as well as create and share documents. Moreover you can organize projects and work groups. To provide a space for communication and discussion you can invite participants to your group. All content relevant to your group can easily be uploaded and thus made accessible. It doesn’t matter if you create freely-accessible groups for general topics or closed groups for a limited circle of participants – the administration is quick, easy and flexible. Another important functionality is the microblog, the modern bulletin board. In the microblog you can exchange information, documents and other media. It enables you to directly comment on all postings which are completely searchable.

But what makes Just Connect special? The software provides a simple and familiar usability of successful Web 2.0 services that have proven themselves million times on the Internet. In this way, even inexperienced users quickly become familiar with the platform. Apart from that Just Connect stands out in particular due to its simple mapping of organizational hierarchies. It allows you to represent different areas of your organization – for example divisions, sections, departments, regions, locations and themes – in form of “Places” and “sub Places”. So the platform remains clearly arranged and well-structured even with large, international and diversified businesses. Besides the flexible adaption of organizational structures, the social software suite has a sophisticated role and authorization concept so that no information ends up in the wrong hands. Last but not least: In compare to other technologies Just Connect has low licensing costs.

Are you curious? Contact us or try Just Connect out for yourself. You can find a demo version at https://demo.justsoftwareag.com/.

Please let me know if you have any experience with Just Connect.

Isabelle Bach and Niklas Breuch