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Just Connect provides all relevant Web 2.0 features in a state-of-the-art social software suite. It also integrates additional features to enable knowledge management and enterprise communication for highly-functional intranet and collaboration solutions. Just Connect allows users to communicate and collaborate with each other, find experts, share ideas and experiences, schedule and prepare events, manage projects and create and share documents. Just Connect is optimized for many areas of application: For companies to improve internal and external communication and collaboration, for universities to strengthen networking of active and former students and public institutions to promote e-government.

Just Connect - Use Cases

Enterprise Communication

Just Connect is a state-of-the-art social software suite which provides all relevant Web 2.0 features for improving communication & collaboration - within as well as beyond the boundaries of an organization. It offers functionalities such as microblogs, blogs, groups, wiki pages, workstreams and events. Just Connect focuses on its excellent microblog in which users can exchange information, documents and other media. It enables users to directly comment on all postings which are completely searchable. This simplifies not only the exchange of information but also its findability – thus making Just Connect a well-developed and very strong enterprise communication and collaboration tool.

Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange

Just Connect makes teamwork easy. It provides all relevant Web 2.0 features for improving collaboration. With the group feature, you can create spaces for certain topics and/or social networks within the organization. It allows you to organize projects and work groups, or even represent different areas of your organization. Invite participants to your group to provide a space for communication and discussion. All content relevant to your group can easily be uploaded and thus made accessible to your group. It doesn’t matter if you create freely-accessible groups for general topics or closed groups for a limited circle of participants - the administration is quick, easy and flexible. The content of a group as well as of the entire platform can be found very quickly: the related content function automatically searches through all uploaded information. It finds contextual correlations between documents, wikis, groups or other contents you’re working on. Furthermore, it suggests related contents: that way you automatically get an overview of all related information within your network.

Social Networking and Expert Search

The profiles are well structured and may contain a great deal of information such as including biographical background expertise and interests. The design and structure of the profiles are very flexible, so individual adjustments can be made. Users can not only search and find each other by name, but also by expertise which increases transparency and improves collaboration. Memberships to places, groups, wiki pages and blogs, etc. can also be presented on the users’ profile.
With the Just Connect system of places, you can virtually represent an organization how it is structured in reality. And since in reality not everyone has access to all information, Just Connect has developed a sophisticated authorization concept. As the administrator of a place, a wiki or a group, you can determine who may enter the respective ‘space’, view information and edit documents. This is how you can be sure that users always have access to relevant information and, at the same time, guarantee that nothing falls into the wrong hands.

Personal Information Management

Just Connect offers a personal welcome page which is specific to the individual user. The welcome page includes all relevant information which automatically displayed (information of contacts, invitations, reminders, tasks, appointments, other important information, etc.). The welcome page can be similar to a dashboard which is adapted to the requirements of the customer (messages by the board management, system messages, etc.).

Project Management

Out of the box Just Connect enables a few features to support project management. Planning, control and monitoring of small projects is feasible. Just Connect allows creating projects, tasks, or other content types as well as creating reminders. So all in all the state-of-the-art social software suite Just Connect supports project management on a basic level.


Just Connect  - Technology and Product



Operational Flexibility

If you decide on Just Connect, your costs are calculated using a fair and transparent system. When doing this calculation, Just Connect differentiates between set-up and operation. The set up costs vary according to the complexity of the implementation and start at 12.750 Euros. They always include installation, configuration, training and feedback. The monthly costs for Just Connect installation are dependent on the number of users and start at 750 Euros (for 100 users). This includes telephone and e-mail support, updates and upgrades and hosting.

Customization & Extensibility

Just Connect is flexible and has a modular structure. This allows quickly and easily to implement individual solutions for the needs of the customer. This is usually possible with just a few clicks and is so simple that the customer could even do it yourself. Just Connect is an innovative software solution that: Is flexible and can be adapted to the organizational structure, can be expanded to individual needs, can be easily administered both centrally and decentrally, offers individual network design and features freely-configurable navigation for optimal flexibility

Data & Security

Based on Just Connect, secure spaces for content and information can be created which are only visible or accessible for a limited group of people. In Just Connect, all content is assigned to a space, and for every space, the respective administrator can determine the security settings individually with a click of the mouse and change them at any time. The administrator can decide who can view, edit or download which content. The result is an intuitively comprehensible security system which is easy to operate. If statutory regulations require it, Just Connect is able to protect entire areas of the company from unauthorized access.

Vendor Position

Just Software AG has more than 5 years’ experience in Social Software. The team around CEO Dr. Thomas Kreye is supported by an excellent supervisory board including Rolf Schmidt-Holtz (former Bertelsmann Executive Board and until 03/11 CEO of Sony Music). Leaders from various industries rely on Just Connect such as The Boston Consulting Group (Consulting), Bertelsmann AG (media and services), Bigpoint (browser games) argonauten G2 (advertising) or ChemieNord (confederation). Revenue, number of employees and the brand awareness were increased significantly during the last years. Winning the “IT-Innovationspreis 2012“ during Cebit 2012 in the category of Web 2.0 & Social Media emphasizes the technological capability of a leading innovator in the field of social intranet solutions. The number of customers has grown steadily during the past years. Presently, more than 50 customers throughout all industries rely on the expertise of Just Software AG. After having successful year 2012, Just Software AG expects an even stronger growth in sales and customers in 2013. Dr. Thomas Kreye, CEO of Just Software AG looks positive into the future: "We have ambitious goals for 2013 and plan to increase brand awareness and market leadership in the field of social software and social intranets.” Technological focus for 2013 is strengthening the search function as well as mobile.

Support & Service

Just Software AG offers support via telephone and e-mail. Just Software AG constantly improves the functionality of Just Connect and releases a new software version two to three times a year. Thus, customers are always up-to-date.

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