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Communote [www.communote.com] is an enterprise microblogging platform with strong business focus offering features like team & topic orientation, superior tagging and retrieval, partner integration, enterprise authentication, access control, secure SaaS and inhouse-installation. Besides mobile access from blackberry, iPhone and Android smartphones, Communote provides integration toolkits for enterprise portals, e.g. Microsoft SharePoint and Atlassian Confluence. Communote is focused on the needs of German and European enterprises providing consulting, integration and installation for microblogging behind the firewall.

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To make all tools comparable for you, we have created a set of categories where every tool has its own description, whether it fullfills the categories or not. You can read a detailed description of each category on this page.

Enterprise Communication

Communote - Enterprise Microblogging is a Service especially designed for the use in the enterprise. Similar to Twitter, this communication channel allows sharing information “snippets“ easily within teams and projects. At the same time links and documents can be shared. Information can be accessed easier and employees can participate actively and straightforward. Thus Communote fosters the social networking across departmental and regional boundaries and becomes an important and reliable part of the Enterprise 2.0 strategy in the enterprise.

Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange

Users can openly share information via Communote and discuss current topics within the company. This results in increased awareness of important topics and knowledge areas. Combined with its topic filtering and expert finding possibilities Communote strongly supports Knowledge Sharing.

Social Networking and Expert Search

Sharing and discussing triggers collaboration between Experts from different Company divisions. You can also collaborate easily within distributed teams. Whether the topic and project based Microblogs are open or limited to a certain group, can be managed individually.

Personal Information Management

You can favorite important notes and easily filter by blogs, tag, date and authors. Communote also provides personal microblogs for each user for recording and/or sharing personal related information, e.g. ideas, tasks, hyperlinks etc..

Project Management

Project microblogs are an ideal platform for team communication: Via Communote you can easily share status messages or document conversations, arguments and decisions. Through this, a project activity stream is being generated automatically that makes the classic, time consuming status reports obsolete. Members of project teams can access status information at any time. Meetings are better focused on decision making and problem solution.

Operational Flexibility

Communote is based on Java Technology for reliable and scalable online services or installations behind the firewall. User Management can be directly linked to the company LDAP or AD user directories. For data storage, Communote supports a number of relational database systems. Communote is available in German, English and other languages on request

Customization & Extensibility

Communote supports standards like RSS and XMPP for different kinds of integration. Widgets for Integration with Atlassian Confluence and Microsoft SharePoint are available. Communote also provide mobile access for Smartphones like iPhone, Blackberry and Android. From R 2.0 Communote will offer the possibility for the creation of advanced themes and extensions to customize the platform to specific client needs.

Data & Security

Communote leaves the data ownership 100% at client’s hands. The software supports SSL enforcement, IP range filtering, separate user management, fine granular access rights, anti-virus scanning and enterprise directory integration as standard features. Through the implementation of Communote in your own datacenters, further data security measures can be taken.

Vendor Position

Communote is the leading European Microblogging software vendor offering software licensing and online services. Communote is strongly backed by Communardo Software GmbH [www.communardo.de]. More than 250 software engineers and IT-Consultants provide professional services for software solutions in business communication, collaboration and Enterprise 2.0.

Support & Services

Communote provides professional E-Mail Support in German and English. Special service level arrangements available on request.



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  • chriskloss rated this tool as very good!
    posted on 22/11/11
    useful tool for project-oriented companys
  • Dirk Röhrborn rated this tool as very good!
    posted on 20/10/10