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Ektron's flagship CMS400.NET Web Content Management platform provides the scalability, extensibility, and power needed to deliver complex, dynamic websites. Ektron eMobile Tools, a component of CMS400.NET, provides developers with a complete set of functionality to deliver personalized web experiences for mobile devices. Ektron’s Social Business Software allows companies to create vibrant social communities for employees and customers. Socialize key business processes including Sales, Support, Marketing, and Innovation. Ektron Social Software powers many of the most well known customer communities, delivering enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty. The Ektron Marketing Optimization Suite empowers marketers to create relevant, personalized web experiences that deliver better business results. Headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire, with offices in Australia, Canada, Singapore and the United Kingdom. See Ektron's award-winning solution in action: http://www.ektron.com/About-Ektron/Request-a-Demo/ or please contact (603) 594-0249 or +44 (0) 1628 509 040.

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To make all tools comparable for you, we have created a set of categories where every tool has its own description, whether it fullfills the categories or not. You can read a detailed description of each category on this page.

Enterprise Communication

The Ektron eIntranet, is a complete information distribution, knowledge management, and social business intranet portal, bridging the worlds of your employees, customers and partners. More than a standalone intranet solution, the Ektron eIntranet will integrate existing business applications such as SharePoint and Salesforce.com into a single application. With eIntranet, your support teams will be able answer a question once and push it out to everyone in the organization, updating information as and when needed. Managers can be instantly informed on the status of a project, a slipping deadline or a finished task. Employees will have the most current version of project content – schedules, documents, presentations – always at hand. Employees utilize user profiles, group spaces, document management, search (site, colleagues, groups, activity), social and timeline navigation, blogs, digital dashboards, calendars, and activity streams and micro-messaging.

Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange

Ektron enables companies to create internal or external social communities for their employees and customers. The Ektron eIntranet changes how employees collaborate, enabling better communication, innovation, and productivity. Colleagues can access everything they need, whether documents, PDFs and PowerPoints from the collateral rack; group spaces where employees can communicate on specific projects; departmental blogs; and more. Have access to the content your colleagues share and see what they’re currently working on. Build an online community for your customers where they can have their own profile, join group spaces related to their interests, share their expertise in a blog, participate in forums and discussions, contribute to a wiki, rate products or services and leave comments, and communicate with other community participants. Users can also use social proof to sort through information based on rating, positive or negative reviews and how many times that item has been viewed.

Social Networking and Expert Search

Create vibrant social communities for employees and customers. Communicate through blogs. Share information quickly through status updates, microblogs and user activity. Encourage engagement in online communities with forums, discussions and message boards. Have authentic conversations with ratings, comments and reviews. Collaborate on the same content through wikis. Capitalize on the Web’s social tools like Twitter and Facebook. Interact with your visitors through online polls and surveys. Collaborate online, share ideas and information in group spaces. Users can have a personal profile, with their own status updates, blogs, documents, photos and more. Ektron’s search is based on Microsoft search technology, which scales to millions of content items and provide results in milliseconds. Content is indexed and added to the catalog in real time. Search also includes taxonomy search, faceted navigation, autosummaries, suggested results and more.

Personal Information Management

User Profiles give community members a home, acting as a connecting point to site resources and other community members. Each user has a personal profile, with their own status updates, blogs, documents, access to their group spaces, favorites, photos and more. The Digital Dashboard is the place for users and community members to personalize their profile with the applications and information that they need at their fingertips. By dragging and dropping widgets onto the personalized dashboard, it becomes a centralized location for mashups of enterprise applications, content, multimedia and other feeds from the Web.

Project Management

With eIntranet, a project team can: distribute stakeholder communications; provide an ongoing record of status reports; track project milestones; conduct discussions among the project team and internal clients; and create a central repository for all project-related content. Managers stay informed on the status of a project, a slipping deadline or a finished task. Workers have the most current version of schedules, documents and presentations. Manage information through categorization, search and social navigation. Activity streams show a running timeline of team members’ activities to easily locate content (i.e. a doc, PDF, or PPT) and/or find what is being worked on. Utilize blogs, group spaces, forums, wikis, and message boards. Control who can view, edit and add or delete content. Use mobile capabilities: receive email notifications and eIntranet documents as email attachments. Reply to posts in message boards, community groups and activity streams utilizing email.

Operational Flexibility

The Ektron platform is 100% native ASP.NET making it easy to extend and customize if you have unique needs. Consistency, discoverability and simplicity make building applications with the Ektron API quick, easy and efficient, and future upgrades are seamless. Ektron can be delivered on any type of device, whether that’s a desktop, mobile device or tablet. Collaboration between community members can take place utilizing social tools and through email. Ektron email enablement approach to mobile collaboration gives access from outside the firewall to the network. Mobile users can receive notices of activities occurring in their community group, status updates are emailed automatically and replies sent through a mobile device’s email client are posted back to the activity stream. Files can also be sent as attachments to mobile team members who can then check out and make changes to the document on their mobile device.

Customization & Extensibility

The Ektron platform is developed on the Microsoft .NET framework and is 100% native ASP.NET. Developers can create customized user controls and fully integrate with third-party systems. The .NET API provides easy access to data stored in the database without the need for a developer to ever write a line of SQL code or to understand the database schema, providing for seamless future upgrades. Ektron provides 80+ pre-built implementations of the .NET APIs in the form of server controls. Many more can be found at the Ektron Exchange, a community featuring a “one-stop shop” for developers that offers a variety of community benefits and features, including the latest news, “Best Practice” advice from Ektron experts, pre-built code, server controls, widgets and more. Ektron provides a complete developer SDK allowing developers to create extensions where needed. Ektron’s provider model creates an abstraction layer to access data, making Ektron fully extensible.

Data & Security

Ektron supports Active Directory, LDAP and other Single Sign On solutions to enhance security via a centralized user administration and single-point authentication, as well as supporting authentication against the CMS using its membership model. Usernames and passwords are centrally maintained and credentials can be standardized. Ektron employs an extensive permissions structure allowing site administrators to assign restrictions to users, limiting their access only to data that they need to touch. Further security can be put in place with workflow approval chains, controlling how content is uploaded and managed. There is check in/out on all documents, and audit trails will be maintained including complete history and restore capabilities. Ektron is an extensible system that allows third party authentication and can interface with the .NET membership provider. Also provided is a tight integration with OpenID and the Facebook Connect Graph APIs for more community based authentication.

Vendor Position

Ektron integrates web content management, marketing optimization and social software to improve operational efficiency, drive revenue growth and build customer loyalty. Ektron demonstrates market leadership with inclusion in three 2010 Gartner, Inc. Magic Quadrants – Web Content Management, Externally Facing Social Software, and Social Software in the Workplace. Ektron has more than 8,000 customers worldwide including Carnegie Hall, Diageo, Home Depot, International Chamber of Commerce, Kodak, Microsoft, NASDAQ, National Health Services UK, Saint-Gobain, The Law Society, and the University of Notre Dame.

Support & Services

Ektron's Technical Support Department provides support services for all Ektron software products. Standard support hours are from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. Ektron brings customers a unique array of services into any engagement. Ektron Services can complement companies’ internal technical team, implement projects directly or align their needs with one of Ektron’s accredited partners.



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  • Tim Gardner rated this tool as very good!
    posted on 29/11/10
    Ektron continues to show its ability to innovate technology to align with their customer's demands.
  • ServerSide Inc. rated this tool as very good!
    posted on 20/11/10
    Ektron has matured a lot over the past three years and offers a lot of new great functionality.
  • ektron rated this tool as very good!
    posted on 18/11/10