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MangoSpring specializes in building business critical communication and collaboration products. These collaboration products are delivered as best of breed focused business applications or as an integrated collaboration suite. Best of breed focused applications include: * Mango Talk: Private and secure Facebook & Twitter for your business * Mango Docs: Document collaboration made easy * Mango Tasks: Collaborative to-do list * Mango Projects: Project collaboration made easy * Mango Ideas: Idea management made easy * Mango Events: Corporate event planning and management is a breeze now In addition, MangoSpring Collaboration Suite seamlessly integrates these best-of-breed applications to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-use, threaded experience.

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To make all tools comparable for you, we have created a set of categories where every tool has its own description, whether it fullfills the categories or not. You can read a detailed description of each category on this page.

Enterprise Communication

We believe that everyone wants to work in an environment where they can freely share and collaborate with coworkers across the company. The current set of collaboration tool-sets restrict information distribution, siloed and are the exact opposite of what is needed to effectively work together. By seamlessly integrating NEW social collaboration paradigms with existing methods, we enable a highly productive and open work environment that empowers and inspires employees at all levels. MangoSpring enables employees to start their workday by sharing what they are working on and easily follow that up with ideas, articles, questions or other updates throughout the day. This creates a close-knit, well informed, vibrant company that makes better decisions and is built to last. MangoSpring specializes in building business critical communication and collaboration products. These collaboration products are delivered as best of breed focused business applications or as an integrated suite.

Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange

We believe that true collaboration occurs only when employees communication is integrated with the daily workflow. A business is made up of employees working on projects, managing documents and generating new ideas, and they don’t do it alone. By integrating real-time communication platform into MangoSpring's collaboration suite, we unleash employees’ ability to contribute, collaborate and be more productive. Companies with only two employees and those with hundreds of thousands are using and understanding the value of MangoApps in the MangoSpring's collaboration suite. Used separately or in conjunction, each MangoApp solves an important part of the business workflow.

Social Networking and Expert Search

Engage provide a rich and unified search interface. It allows you to search for any information you are looking for and the search results are collected from messages/comments, IM, files, links, profiles and presented to you in a unified manner. All search results are items that you can take an action or continue the conversation/thread from the search results itself. The unified search interface is as simple as a google search to use. Finding any information is easy from here and happens in a couple of seconds. Search allows you to search for conversations and profile with a particular colleague. It will find results matching the colleague being one of the participants in the conversation having the search text. You can search your colleague's profiles (Imported from LinkedIn) to see their expertise, hobbies, past work experience and more to find the right expert, right away.

Personal Information Management

With the Engage Platform, your profile page is more thatn just an about you. Your profile page in Engage also list every document you have uploaded, Tasks you have pending and completed, Groups and Projects you are following, any activity you have done as in liking or commenting on a post, links to websites or documents you have posted, Any awards you have received and more. If you have a LinkedIn account you can connect to it from any of the MangoApps and make your professional information from your LinkedIn account available to your co-workers.

Project Management

Projects are a great way to have focused discussions within a team. Project Teams keep the conversations threaded, provide a list view of all the documents and links exchanged, and provide quick access to group chat history and profiles of all the members. Public projects are teams that anyone can join and participate in team conversations. Documents, links, messages and chat history is accessible to everyone in the company. It does not require a new member to the team to get acceptance from the project creator/admin. Private projects are teams that only people invited have access to. Documents, links, messages and chat history is accessible to only the members of the project. For an employee to join the project, a request goes to the creator/admin. On acceptance of the request, the person becomes part of the project and can participate like other invited members. Group chats are a great way to build group consensus in real time. All members of the group can participate in a group chat

Operational Flexibility

Built on Ruby on Rails and Java; Engage is secure, modular, reliable and robust business software. It provides businesses with the flexibility to extend the framework to meet very specific workflow needs. As a result, it adds greater business value to any size organization.. With AJAX baked in, the user gets a richer experience across browsers from Internet Explorer 7.0 onwards, FireFox 2.0 +, Google's Chrome and Safari. Engage is available on Desktop, Web and on multiple mobile platforms. Engage uses the right technology to meet product requirements and provide a powerful business software platform that can be easily extended and supported. It is built on MangoSpring's KISS (Keep It Simple and Smart) principle, creating software where all technologies can get along. We typically upgrade every 2 weeks (configurable) and as a result you have faster access to the latest features, performance and security updates.

Customization & Extensibility

Interested businesses can get complete control over the look and feel, by licensing and changing the HTML markup/CSS. Engage builds in a simple and extensible application framework,following the D.R.Y (Don't Repeat Yourself) principle to enforce a consistent look, feel and behavior for your web applications. So you can easily build your own applications on top of MangoSpring Collaboration Platform using our OPEN APIs. The Engage cloud computing platform has a multi-tenant architecture running on world-class data centers with backup, fail-over and disaster recovery facilities. The platform implements a scalable web infrastructure with built-in HTTP-based load balancing, intelligent request handling/routing and HTTP compression. We provide faster performance for static and dynamic web content. We like to call it our Engage Real Time cloud.

Data & Security

We believe that you can't compromise when it comes to enterprise-level security, so we implement layers of security to protect your data. At a basic level, our architecture includes three layers of a web application running on different servers, set apart by firewalls. In addition to secure network architecture, we follow a rigorous ongoing process to ensure that your data is protected using layers of security. MangoSpring's downtown Seattle data centers are located at Northwest telecom hub Fisher Plaza, a world-class mission critical communications facility that meets the industry's toughest standards-including a SAS70 Type II certification. MangoSpring recognizes the extreme importance of keeping your communications and information private. Information you enter about yourself or communications you have with colleagues belongs to you as the User of the Engage service and will never be sold or shared to anyone.

Vendor Position

MangoApps have already been adopted by many leading small and medium size companies in a wide range of industries, including technology, media, finance, health, education, nonprofit and government. Additionally, the Engage platform provides open API’s to integrate with existing company infrastructure, providing a unified user experience between current systems and MangoApps. This makes MangoSpring's offering open and our customers investments are not locked into big proprietary platforms.

Support & Services

There are several ways to contact an Engage support engineer depending on which Engage client you are using. Desktop and iPhone Engage clients have an inline support feature that will initiate an e-mail directly to our support team. Use the “Email Support” option below for Web and Android (or any) Engage client email support. Phone support is also available during business hours Pacific Time. We offer a Web client, a downloadable Adobe AIR desktop application, and 4 mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android/Google, and BlackBerry. We support with our desktop Client on all major browsers; Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Our Mobile application can be found by searching "MangoSpring Mobile" in iTunes, Android Market and Blackberry AppWorld. Soon, you will find us in Google Apps, as we are starting integrations with your GoogleApps account.



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  • Jose rated this tool as very poor!
    posted on 25/9/10
    Still doesn't come close to matching what Yammer offers for free.
  • Anup rated this tool as very good!
    posted on 29/7/10
    Great work Mike!