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Undiscuss is a commercial open source, Enterprise Social Network platform and CMS powered by PHP and Joomla that allows an organization to build, customize and operate an unified collaboration network site cost effectively and securely on your own server in your own terms.

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To make all tools comparable for you, we have created a set of categories where every tool has its own description, whether it fullfills the categories or not. You can read a detailed description of each category on this page.

Enterprise Communication

Undiscuss makes communication much faster and more useful compared to any business emails or phone calls while making it easier to identify, track and communicate with those who have engaged in your message and content. The importance is in knowing who engaged with your communication and content on your network, and that's the core of Undiscuss.

Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange

Undiscuss is your living, breathing knowledge network, linking you to all the right people and all the right information. Get to know your colleagues, whether they’re across the hall or across the world. Tap in-house experts and get answers fast. Quickly assemble your dream team for any project.

Social Networking and Expert Search

Find everything you need to get work done from a single search bar. Quickly search through files, co-worker profiles, coworker public activities and streams, and more like blog posts to find the information you need.

Personal Information Management

It's easy to publish and share information about your skills, knowledge and position in the company with Undiscuss, and what's even better is that you're able to customize the fields and information to fit your company or team's requirements easily without the need of professionals which will drive costs up in implementing an Enterprise social network for your team and organization.

Project Management

Manage project with less effort and better results. With Undiscuss, you and your coworkers can easily set objectives, define what needs to happen, assign owners and due dates, and track progress. All this information is made easily accessible via Project Groups. In a glance you'll be able to identify the number of stakeholders, the number of outstanding or completed tasks and milestones, who's most active in the group in terms or participation and much more.

Operational Flexibility

Each organization and team is uniquely different. Undiscuss was built with that in mind as a primary objective. That's why it's really easy for any user or web developer to take Undiscuss and customize it to fit accordingly to their workflows and processes.

Customization & Extensibility

Undiscuss is an open-source social-collaboration PHP software built on the Joomla CMS designed for enterprises. It is essential to build a social platform with no liability and no vendor lock-in. The ideal platform in a commodity world should be open source and affordable. From customizing the entire look and feel of Undiscuss to fit your requirements to adding other powerful features and functions thanks to being built directly upon the Joomla! CMS with over 6,500 extensions, providing you with unlimited possibilities.

Data & Security

Administrators can adjust their community to match their unique corporate culture and policies. Large organizations may use Undiscuss’s LDAP integration for quick onboarding of users. In terms of security, Undiscuss offers unparalleled security and privacy to the information and content of any Enterprise Social Network. Since Undiscuss allows you to install it on your servers with no restrictions or limits on the number of users, you can take full advantage of this in terms of providing the highest security with your very own hardware and networking security policies easily without a hitch. Undiscuss is secured to your server and security policies, and also extensible and robust for your IT department to extremely customize how Undiscuss works for you.

Vendor Position

The Undiscuss software is built by some of the best and experienced social extension Joomla developers and further strengthened by a great support team.

Support & Services

Awesome support team to back you up and direct access to our core developers. We're around the clock to support you, your business and it's users in implementing solutions which increase productivity and collaboration between members of your team and organization. If that's not good enough, since it's built modularly on Joomla, you've got the entire Joomla developer community ready and available to provide you additional customizations and services for your Enterprise Social Network.



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