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Enterprise Social Network
Whether as an intranet, community or as an advanced project platform, Coyo has made it amazingly simple to collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers by combining efficient productivity tools with modern communication.

What customers say about Coyo:

At BMG we use Coyo as an integrated Intranet 2.0 solution. Coyo combines the usual requirements of an intranet software with the advantages of a modern social workplace and therefore is ideal for hosting content and discussions here at BMG.
Sebastian Hentzschel - Vice President, IS&T / BMG Rights Management GmbH

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To make all tools comparable for you, we have created a set of categories where every tool has its own description, whether it fullfills the categories or not. You can read a detailed description of each category on this page.

Enterprise Communication

Better communication
With Coyo your communication doesn’t only get easier, it also gets clearer. Group discussions extend the knowledge base and decrease the amount of mails and meetings.

Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange

Document collaboration
Manage, share and send your documents online through Coyo. Each document is archived automatically and will be available to the entire team in a structured and organized way.

Social Networking and Expert Search

Ideally connected
With Coyo you can connect your organization in a modern way. That way your organization benefits from the advantages of the Web 2.0 and is one step ahead of its competitors.

Finding experts
Because every user has an individual profile, Coyo not only becomes your orgainzation’s digital ad- dress book. Experts for certain topics can easily be identified and contacted.

Personal Information Management

Digital user profiles
Create your personal profile and access the profiles of your colleagues to find out what they are working on, which fields they are experts in and how you can contact them – or simply leave them a message on their personal wall.

Personal news feed
Stay up to date with what is going on in your organization and receive updates about the activities and projects of your colleagues. You decide which news and updates you want to receive by following people, pages and projects.

Project Management

Create project workspaces with the apps you need
Each project has a different setup and different requirements. Create your custom project workspace within minutes, invite your colleagues to collaborate and add the apps you need for your project.

Operational Flexibility

Manage your content with ease
We have built simple yet powerful content management capabilities right into Coyo. Providing information and content to your colleagues was never that easy!

Search and find everything
Any information you and your colleagues exchange, any file that you share or project you create can be found using Coyo’s magical enterprise search. No knowledge gets lost, everything is right at your finger tips.

Customization & Extensibility

Fully customizable
Change the layout to your organization’s corporate design, deactivate certain features or add new ones. The settings for colors, logos, apps and plugins can be changed directly through the administration interface.

Data & Security

Coyo is available in the cloud or for installation on your own servers. Compare our editions and find out which one is best for you.

Vendor Position

mindsmash GmbH
We are mindsmash, the creators of Coyo and digital agency from Hamburg, Germany. Our team of digital natives helps business around the world improve their digital efforts, processes and business models.

Support & Services

Everything you need in one package: Coyo Care

With Coyo Care you get access to regular updates and support. Coyo Care includes:

- Patches & Updates
- 24 / 7 Web-Support
- 3rd Level Support



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