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Offiria is a powerful, full-featured, self-managed social collaboration tools, designed to make your workspace more engaging. It is the social intranet that your team would love to use. Our powerful business stream makes sure everyone has access to the up-to-date information and can act to changing business environment swiftly.

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To make all tools comparable for you, we have created a set of categories where every tool has its own description, whether it fullfills the categories or not. You can read a detailed description of each category on this page.

Enterprise Communication

All communication are done within "Offiria Stream". This powerful stream allow user to communicate freely and post updates for everyone to see. You can interact with the stream and each discussion with comments, like or tagging, making every communication easily searchable.

Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange

Offiria has a built-in wiki pages support and a robust file management system. Wiki allow free-flow of information to be added to a project with full history stored. Our file mangement system allow files to be search easily, tagged, commented or even organized in a intuitive folder-basesd system

Social Networking and Expert Search

All the content within offiria system is easily searchable, all the way to the first day you use it. Search can be done via tags or keywords. You can perform the search across multiple categories, stream, event or even suer profile.

Personal Information Management

Each user within Offiria community would have their own profile page. Administrator can easily specify what information is needed or required. As personal information is updated by the users themselves, all personal information will stay up-to-date. We also offer the option of 2-way Active Directory syncronization where data from Offiria system can synced with exsiting AD infrastructure

Project Management

We introduced Offiria Groups where project can be managed within groups. You can then specify milestones for the groups and add task list for it. Group admins can easily see the progress of each project from a central overview page

Operational Flexibility

The system is extremely easy to run with minimal administrative support.

Customization & Extensibility

The application is build on top of flexible, open source CMS that allows maximum customization. Every single key features can be enable or disabled as needed. New modules or extension can also be added and configured. If necessary, the application layout can be customized to each client.

Data & Security

Offiria is build from group up to be super secure with a solid programming model. We typically recommend the deployment within corporate intranet, which makes access extremely secure. Our approach ensure that we never hold critical client data at any point.

Vendor Position

Our focus is for organization that want to deploy a collaborative tools within their internal firewall. We offer an extremely configurable tool that allow organization to customize the tools within their environment.

Support & Services

We offer premium, 24x7 support option with phone support.



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