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Igloo Software is a social software company that builds online communities for business. Uniting document management and collaboration software within one secure social networking platform, Igloo can help an organization transform their business processes surrounding knowledge sharing, team collaboration or stakeholder engagement. Igloo is an intranet you’ll actually like: built with easy-to-use apps, like shared calendars, task management, file sharing and more. It’s everything you need to work better together, in one very configurable cloud platform. Plus, with Igloo’s responsive design, your intranet already handles a range of devices, it will even work on newer devices right from the start. Your employees can now share status updates, manage task lists, download documents anywhere and on any device.

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To make all tools comparable for you, we have created a set of categories where every tool has its own description, whether it fullfills the categories or not. You can read a detailed description of each category on this page.

Enterprise Communication

It's easier to know more about a stranger on Facebook® or LinkedIn® than the colleagues you work with everyday. We typically work in isolation and the knowledge that we possess is trapped in our minds, laptop and inbox. Igloo’s online communities help to tear down the walls that prevent people from connecting and communicating with each other. Whether the obstacles are organizational or geographic, Igloo helps create a more open and connected business by giving all members a voice. Create connections and message colleagues, share your thoughts in a blog or forum, comment and rate content – your influence is no longer dictated by your place in the hierarchy but rather by the value of your contributions.

Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange

Igloo's online community solutions give you greater control over the way you work and access knowledge. Anyone in a community can set up and manage group spaces and exchange information across multiple channels, including blogs, wikis, discussion forums, calendars and documents. And users can connect with community members outside of their social graph, build meaningful relationships through rich user profiles and improve the distribution of knowledge through social sharing and tagging.

Social Networking and Expert Search

The Igloo community platform supports social networking and expertise location in numerous ways: • Personal Profile ─ add areas of expertise in your profile that are fully indexed for search. Even inject expertise (ex. role, title) into your profile through authenticated sources like Active Directory and LDAP. • Labels & Tags ─ tag content within a community around different areas or levels of expertise, create groupings of tags or labels and dynamically display on pages (i.e. in an expertise tag cloud) through search. • Search - target your search to a specific location and application in the community or use tag clouds to help quickly locate related content

Personal Information Management

The Igloo platform is set up to support three views: a personal view, a team view and a corporate view. The profile page represents the personal view – manage your profile, view your networks, establish connections, stay up to date with activity streams and manage your information in your own private workspace. Next, because we don’t work alone, group spaces allow you to create dedicated work spaces for your business units, departments and/or project teams. Finally, these personal and social team spaces can be bubbled up into an overall enterprise or corporate view of the organization. Community members can move seamlessly between individual, group and corporate driven conversations, content and collaborations quickly and easily using these three views.

Project Management

The project management discipline is inherently social. It’s not just about how well you manage the work, it’s about how well you manage the people doing the work. And the Igloo platform can play an important role in both ad hoc, small-scale departmental projects as well as within very structured, large-scale projects, enhancing the probability of success. Creating a dedicated and interactive project work space focused solely on the project lessens the need to sift through email and attachments to find status updates or figure out if someone responded to a request. Project leads can publish goals, objectives and policies using a wiki; invite team members; update the calendar with team meetings; use blogs for team announcements and share documents with team members. Igloo can also connect the various project management teams across the organization as a whole: helping to share project feedback, challenges and best practices.

Operational Flexibility

As internet access becomes ubiquitous and communities become more distributed, information will need to be available at any time, in any place and from any device. The Igloo community platform is delivered in the cloud using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model and can be accessed through any W3C compliant web browser, including those on a mobile device (iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android). Optionally, Igloo’s community platform can be accessed through any mobile device, a native Windows Desktop Client or an email client. No additional products or installations are required to support the core features. To date, the platform has been translated in over 16 languages.

Customization & Extensibility

Igloo is built on an open architecture which means it is extensible and completely configurable – providing the flexibility to address both internal and external collaboration issues with one integrated community offering. Every Igloo community provides a set of powerful web publishing tools, including business templates, drag-and-drop widgets and site navigational controls, which allow business users with no previous programming experience to completely control the look and feel of their site. Power users can even create further customizations by modifying a global cascading style sheet (CSS), injecting page specific html and accessing our API. The Igloo platform is also extensible, meaning you can access content wherever you are, integrate with enterprise applications such as SharePoint and share content on external social media sites. Igloo is also growing a strong partner network to deliver integrations in specific verticals, geographies and lines of business.

Data & Security

The Igloo community platform is delivered in the cloud using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Our hosted solutions are extremely reliable and stable. From our inception, Igloo has provided our clients with 99.75% uptime and over the past 6 months our product uptime has been 99.99%. The data centre, managed by FusePoint, is also PCI DSS, SAS70 and CICA 5970 (Type II) certified. This means all processes are rigorously assessed by accredited third parties each year and consistently operate at the highest levels within the industry. Our data centre team configures our servers to provide load-balancing, clustering and fail-over for all of our customer community solutions. Igloo Software also provides multi-location and redundant monitoring of all our systems, virus checking, spam-blocking and intrusion detection. Finally, all community content belongs to the owner of the community and will never be sold, used or distributed by Igloo in anyway.

Vendor Position

Igloo is the business social software and online community platform in the cloud. As the only enterprise social software company that is completely committed to cloud, Igloo reduces the risk and capital investment associated with becoming a social business, while increasing the speed of adoption by enabling business users to manage the deployment. Community members are able to access Igloo anywhere, anytime via a browser or mobile device. And new editions of the platform are seamlessly introduced every 30 to 45 days driven by customer feedback. For the 6th consecutive year, Igloo was positioned in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace.

Support & Services

Igloo offers a range of optional services to support social software implementations and community building. First, we offer strategic consulting services help customers map a clear plan for designing, building and deploying an online community. Igloo also provides technical consulting, a strong partner network and a three tiered support package in order to help customers extend the platform, integrating with enterprise applications or creating custom applications and solutions.



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  • Pete rated this tool as very good!
    posted on 17/9/10
    I use IGLOO as the platform for my consulting company. It is small business but IGLOO helps it punch above its weight class in terms of functionality and ease of use (and I am only using a fraction of IGLOO's capabilities)...check out what a non-tech'y can create by themself and decide for yourself how it stacks up against what you are using today. www.themeafordgroup.com
  • Jill rated this tool as very good!
    posted on 10/9/10
    Excellent tool - able to communicate with my network quickly and efficiently. It's also brand-able, which is a critical requirement for my organization.
  • Michael Dieterle rated this tool as very good!
    posted on 7/9/10
    Great experience with IGLOO launching our customer support community. Feel free to contact me through my blog.
  • Silvia Schmid rated this tool as very good!
    posted on 1/9/10
    I am not a big company or even a small company, I am a grandmother trying to keep in touch with my kids, grandkids,friends and family that seem to be spreading in all directions around the globe. We have established a private community where we can post pictures, blogs and share our daily adventures in a secure environment. I wish I could tell you that the IGLOO team has been great to work with, but because it was so easy to get up and running, I did not need their assistance, and that is saying something coming from a computer challenged senior citizen whose only claim to fame has been that I defrag my computer. How much do I love IGLOO? Well, I am a hero to my grandkids now..... they just didn't realize I was so knowledgeable about computers. Thank you IGLOO for making me look good.
  • Katherine Mackenzie rated this tool as good!
    posted on 1/9/10
    IGLOO's platform has been great for our community of practice. The team at IGLOO has worked hard to implement our recommendations and has been great to work with - very responsive. The widget-based system is easy to learn and provides a good deal of flexibility.
  • Jason rated this tool as very good!
    posted on 31/8/10
    Integrating social tools with a website is no easy task and linking to external social tools creates a disconnected web experience. IGLOO's robust solution provides everything in one easy-to-use suite-with no software to install, a little training or experience required. I enjoy using thier product and recommend it often!
  • Cathy Ingham rated this tool as very good!
    posted on 27/8/10
    I was engaged by a client to conduct a vendor product evaluation to select a social networking product and then build online social communities. Working with the client we researched an initial pool of over 100 vendors based on industry analyst reports such as the Forrest Wave, Gartner, and Tech Crunch. We quickly narrowed the field down to 10 products. We built 10 sandbox test sites and did an in-depth hands on evaluation of these products to see how well they would meet the client's business requirements. We are very pleased with our choice of IGLOO Software, which stood well above the pack! The implementation of our first 3 communities is underway, and our decision has been vetted as they have been awesome to work with and extremely responsive to our needs. The product is very stable, extremely well designed, and very easy to use and administer. If you would like more information about this project, please visit http://www.liquidhub.com/docs/finding_the_right_social_network_software.pdf
  • Yvette rated this tool as very good!
    posted on 24/8/10
    Easy to use tool-set that scales well and meets the needs of all demographics within my business. Love it!