These are all tools within the evaluation powered by Social Software Matrix. It is a selection of important Social Software tools on the market at this time and will be enhanced soon. If you want to be informed about new tools or updates, you can subscribe to our newsletter or RSS feed.

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  1. EphraimJF on 16. December 2009 19:34

    This site is spectacular!

    I would love to see ThoughtFarmer added to the list of tools/platforms.

  2. Rolf on 23. January 2010 11:44

    What about Traction Teampage. Founded in 1996 was a wiki/blog platform long before these terms became familiar. It’s maturity, strong security features built from the ground up, Thorough Hypertext implementation makes it a strong contender. See

    “Traction TeamPage: The One System to Rule It All” -Michael Sampson’s Currents
    InfoWorld Review

  3. BerndAppelhans on 29. January 2010 17:21

    Hi Ephraim and Rolf,

    thank you for your feedback. We have heard about ThoughtFarmer and Traction Teampage, both are very interesting tools and candidates for the Matrix. We are currently optimizing the review/evaluation process which will enable us to continually extend the list of tools covered in the matrix.

    Best regards,


  4. Matt Rajkowski on 26. March 2010 15:53

    I may as well be another to make a suggestion. ConcourseConnect is a relatively new entrant for both internal and external communities, but it has been in use for several years. The focus is around directories of information and incorporates blogs/wikis/etc. to create a user-friendly experience. A recent implementation has over 1,000 employees and an open source version is available. For more information or a sandbox please contact me at
    Thanks for this nicely created site and please consider this application for inclusion.
    - Matt

  5. Charlie on 6. April 2010 17:20

    Thanks for creating this useful site. You should check out the blog posts and reports Jeremiah Owyang has written. He has many more tools covered that you might like to try out too.

    And how about Drupal and other open-source platforms? If you have strong developers, these can be much more flexible. I guess they are hard for you to compare as a platform. You should check out Aquia and the FreshNetworks platform.


  6. Christoph Rauhut on 19. April 2010 21:15

    Hi Matt and Charlie,

    as Bernd posted two comments before, we are working to enhance the list of tools within the matrix. Furthermore we are working on an extension of Social Software Matrix to give possibility of uploading new tools to every vendor on itself. We expect to have this feature by June 2010. So visit Social Software Matrix againg to see when new feature has been launched.

    Cheers Christoph

  7. NEU! Rising Vendors jetzt in der Social Software Matrix | Besser 2.0 on 13. September 2010 21:07

    [...] Gegensatz zu den in der Social Software Matrix bewerteten Tools, können Anbieter im Bereich ihre Produkte selbst einstellen und somit einer Vielzahl von [...]

  8. Olivier Trinh on 17. April 2011 18:30

    Will you update your matrix with Bluekiwi 2011? It seems they made a lot of enhancements in their product and I’m interested in it.

  9. Jenny Meyer on 28. April 2011 16:41

    Hello Olivier,

    at the moment we are working on the update of the Matrix, including the evaluation of the latest version of Bluekiwi. So if you come back in a few weeks, you will see what we found out about it.


  10. Olivier Trinh on 5. July 2011 08:58

    Hello, blueKiwi 10.5 has been out for a couple of months now. Any plans to evaluate it?

    Best regards,

  11. Ulf Sthamer on 5. July 2011 15:15

    Hi Olivier, we are busy reviewing it right now!
    Due to our plans of a new design and some other improvements we didn’t have the time to evaluate it earlier. Please don’t be disappointed – you’ll be able to compare it in the Matrix shortly!

  12. bill jobs on 27. August 2011 03:00

    Here’s a cool free microblogging for sharepoint like twitter

  13. Ed on 11. October 2011 23:30

    Do you have any plans to evaluate the following: NewsGator, Telligent, Salesforce Chatter, Cisco Quad, and Socialcast.
    BTW Great site, very good information…

  14. Ulf Sthamer on 14. October 2011 09:14

    Hi Ed, what a nice wishlist! :D . I had a look on Chatter this week and also on Quad. Both seem to be interesting, also the other tools. If we have the time we may evaluate some of these.

  15. Wilco Turnhout on 31. October 2011 18:11

    And do you plan to evaluate as well?
    Disclaimer: we implement Attini

  16. Ulf Sthamer on 2. November 2011 21:03

    Hi Wilco, basically we are oriented on studies of big research institutes like Gartner or Forrester. Only if we find the time we are looking into other tools. Why don’t you enter the tool in the rising vendors section in the meantime? A lot of people are looking there too, if they are searching an alternative tool…

  17. RM Jones on 22. November 2011 20:12

    where is Yammer? I can’t find any mention of this segment frontrunner anywhere on your site (??)

  18. Ulf Sthamer on 30. December 2011 13:10

    Hi, we believe that Yammer is not as extensive as the other tools though I think it can be very useful. As I know it is possible to open rooms in Yammer and more, but we don’t consider it as a social software suite – it’s more a microblogging tool. So the place to be would be the rising vendors section, but the guys Yammer didn’t entered some infos there.

  19. Holger Lehniger on 1. February 2012 12:27


    Great site! I really like browsing through here. I would love more activity so I have to admit.

    A question on the tools you selected: I would like to see Yammer as well as Cubetree/Jam listed here as well. Any thoughts on that?

    Also I was wondering when you evaluated MS SharePoint 2010 if you considered the various Social Collaboration AddOn which are available (e.g. Pulse from neudesic or NewsGator)? As we leverage SP 2010 within our company a lot I do see that it lacks quite significant social collaboration features and especially their usability. I would be curious if you considered how intuitive those tools can be used and administered as well.


  20. Ingo on 22. April 2012 19:08

    I missed Foswiki in you list of social software.

  21. Dale on 31. October 2012 06:21

    When I initially left a comment I appear to have clicked the -Notify
    me when new comments are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added I receive 4 emails with the same comment.

    Is there a means you can remove me from that service?


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